The festival program


aza.jpgM. Staritsky, “Gypsy Aza”, musical in 2 acts

Ukraine, Kropivnitsky. Kirovograd Academic Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Mark Kropivnitsky

Ukrainian language

2 hours with intermission

Gypsy Basil and ordinary girl Galya fell in love. They were denied and cursed by their families and their communities. Lovers had not  a happy life. A temperamental beauty Gypsy Aza in love with Basil, she adds drama to their relationship. “Gypsy Aza” is a new folk show of the theater, where love, passion, betrayal reign, where two worlds met: Ukrainian and Gypsy, Ukrainian folk music and rituals, Gypsy romances and passionate dances. Interesting and unconventional stage setting, colorful costumes, original music written specifically for this performance, and, as always, a wonderful play of theater actors.

Director - Yevgeny Kurman


antigona_www.jpg May 18, 16:00, New Stage (N. Lysenko st., 24)

"Antigone", solo performance based on the Sophocles play

Lithuania, Vilnius. SOLO Teatras

Russian language

50 minutes (no intermission)

Antigone, the daughter of King Oedipus, convicted by Creon, the new king of Thebes, to be buried alive for trying to bury the body of his brother Polinicus. The performance "Antigone" explores the way to combine the traditions of the ancient theater and the modern theatrical language, consistently comparing the huge video images of the choir with the figures of people in the foreground. The fragility of the human body and the virtuality of the projections are combined with the tremendous impact of music and text.

Stage version, production and performance - Birute Mar


400x600_sheckspi.jpgMay 18, 18:00, Main Stage (250th anniversary of the city, 2)

William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew, a comedy in 2 acts

Poland, Plock. Drama Theater named after Jerzy Shanyavsky

Polish language (subtitles)

2 hours 15 minutes with intermission

Bianca is a modest and obedient girl, an object of love interest of all bachelors in the neighborhood. However, bold and arrogant Catherine drives away all suitors from her younger sister. In order for Bianca to marry her “prince”, it is necessary that her older sister married earlier. How to do it?

Staging - Marek Mokrovetsky


400x600_kabare.jpgMay 19, 4 pm, New Scene (N. Lysenko st., 24)

B. Duthie, “33’ (Cabaret)”, musical solo performance

USA, New Orleans, Big Empty Barn Theater Company

English language (subtitles)

1 hour 10 minutes (no intermission)

In the wrecked Cabaret Theater, the actor falls on a dark stage. When the light comes on, he realizes that he is alone in an empty theater. His friends and colleagues disappeared, it turns out they were arrested by the new government. "33rd (Cabaret)" is based on the fate of the famous Berlin club "Eldorado", where in the 20s of the last century people of nontraditional sexual orientation gathered. Marlene Dietrich, Claire Waldoff and the leading German jazz band Weintraub Syncopators performed regularly at this club.

Author and performer - Bremner Duthie

Original production - Dave Dawson


400x600_nas.jpgMay 19, 6 pm, Main Stage (250th anniversary of the city, 2)

G. R. Grünert on the centuries of Michel de Notrdam, “Nostradamus”, multimedia performance

Georgia, Chiatura. Chiatura State Drama Theater named after A. Tsereteli

Georgian language (subtitles)

1 hour 10 minutes (no intermission)

Nostradamus is considered the author of the book "Prophecies" created in 1555. These predictions, which so far neither structurally, nor, in fact, have not been deciphered, reveal the existential problems of humanity in the light of the modern globalizing world. The secretly coded threads of ten “centurions” ask the eternal question: how can mankind survive in the epoch of eternal cataclysms?

Staging and musical accompaniment - Mamuka Tsertsvadze


400x600_igroki.jpgMay 20,  19:00, Main Stage (250th Anniversary of the City, 2)

Gogol, #IGROKI, dramedy

Ukraine, Dnipro, Dnepropetrovsk Academic Regional Ukrainian Youth Theater

Russian language

1 hour 40 minutes with intermission

There is no occupation in the world that delays more than gambling. A special excitement arises when there is an opportunity to get rich in a flash. This performance is an attraction of incredible scammers and a drama of broken hopes.

In March 2019, the performance #IGROKI received the Grand Prix of the Festival-Competition for the Highest Theater Award of the Dnieper Region "Sicheslavna".

Director - Pavel Gatilov


400x600_nazar.jpgMay 21, 13:00, Main Stage (250th anniversary of the city, 2)

T. Shevchenko, “Nazar Stodolya”, a drama in 2 acts

Ukraine, Kharkov. Kharkiv Theater for Children and Youth

Ukrainian language

1 hour 45 minutes with intermission

Of the wide range of issues raised in the work, the staging group of the theater focuses on the eternal conflict of fathers and children and raises the problem of finding the spiritual path in human life. The performance is filled with dramatic effect, vivid characters of characters and folk songs performed by talented artists.

Director - Andrey Lebed


400x600_lo.jpgMay 21, 18:30, New Scene (N. Lysenko st., 24)

J. Anuit, “L'Orchestre”, performance-concert

Ukraine. Zaporizhia, Zaporizhzhya Municipal Theater-Laboratory "VIE"

Ukrainian language

1 hour 30 minutes (no intermission)

The action develops in one of the resort boarding houses of the coast of France, in the cafe of which the women's orchestra and pianist play. Pure love and jealousy, youth and maturity, life and death, personal happiness and deprivation. It is difficult to list all the topics covered in this performance. A light and slightly grotesque story gradually open up to the viewer the whole drama of the orchestra players themselves.

Independent work of theater actors


400x600_gaydamack-1.jpgMay 22, 13:00, New Scene (M. Lysenko st., 24)

T. Shevchenko, "Gaydamaki", theatrical composition according to the poem of the same name

Ukraine, Mariupol. Donetsk Regional Academic Drama Theater

Ukrainian language

1 hour (without intermission)

Always a timely meeting with the pearl of the Ukrainian classics: a fascinating musical and poetic composition to the immortal poems of the Great Kobzar will slightly open one of the bright pages of national history.

Directed by Sergey Musienko


400x600_schaste.jpgMay 22, 18:30, Main Stage (250th anniversary of the city sq., 2)

I.Franko, “Stolen Happiness”, a drama in 2 acts

Ukraine, Kamyanske. Academic Music and Drama Theater named after Lesia Ukrainka

Ukrainian language

3 hours with intermission

“Stolen happiness” is a recognized masterpiece of world drama, a textbook classic that has been proven over the years. Passions unfold in a small Ukrainian town. Anna, whom the brothers forced to marry with unloved man, resigned herself to fate. However, one day a former lover appears in their house - Mikhail, whom Anna considered dead in the war. Three people are drawn into a whirlpool of feelings. There is no way out of this love triangle.

Literary and stage adaptation of the play, production and musical arrangement - Linas-Marijus Zaikauskas


mocart400x600.jpgMay 22, 18:30, New Scene (N. Lysenko st., 24)

A. Pushkin, "Mozart and Salieri", a small tragedy

Ukraine, Kiev, Theater "Oleg Roenko Theater Workshop"

Russian language

1 hour 15 minutes (no intermission)

To the 220th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin

The accusation of Salieri in the murder of Mozart has long been refuted. However, sometimes it happens that artistic truth turns out to be more important than historical. Indeed, in each of us there is both Mozart and Salieri, and creativity without craft does not exist. In fact, in Pushkin’s play there is no conflict between Mozart and Salieri, but there is a drama: The Artist and God. In addition, the definition of “small tragedy” - somewhat slyly and eloquently speaks only about the volume of the text, and not about its depth.

Production - Oleg Royenko


400x600_hel.jpgMay 23, 13:00, New Scene (M. Lysenko st., 24)

N. Dumbadze, "Hellados", a memory

Azerbaijan, Ganja. Ganja Azerbaijan State Drama Theater

Azerbaijani language (simultaneous translation)

1 hour 15 minutes (no intermission)

This is a story about two boys who lived in Sukhumi - Georgian Jemal and Greek Yanguli. When the boys became friends, Yanguli revealed the secret of the tattoo on his chest. It was written Hellados, which means Hellas, Greece. This inscription was for Yanguli a symbol of love for the motherland. History covers the problems of all countries that have passed through the war. This is a story about people who are forced to leave their native places, this is a story about love for the motherland, about true friendship and sincere feelings.

Director - Irada Gozalova


turkey_www.jpgMay 23, 18:00, New Scene (M. Lysenko st., 24)

Gogol, “Notes of a Madman”, stage fantasy

Turkey, Istanbul. Municipal theater Maltepe

Turkish language (subtitles)

1 hour 15 minutes (no intermission)

"Notes of a Madman" is the only work in Gogol's works, written as confession, like a hero's story about himself. Aksentiy Ivanovich Poprishchin Petersburg official, copyist of papers in the department, petty nobleman in the rank of titular adviser. He knows life through humiliation and insults ... As the hero loses his mind, his enlightenment occurs, he begins to feel like a man. In the performance, the viewer will meet not only with Aksentiy Ivanovich himself, but also with the ghosts that his inflamed imagination creates.

Director - Kubilay Yerdelikara


400x600_meschanin.jpgMay 23, 18:30, Main Stage (250th anniversary of the city sq, 2)

J.-B. Moliere, “The Bourgeois in the Nobility”, a comedy in 2 acts

Ukraine, Odessa. Odessa Theater of the Young Spectators named after Yuri Olesha

Russian language

2 hours 10 minutes with intermission

Modern Mr. Jourdain - the owner of a candy store and a successful Parisian businessperson. It would seem, what more to wish for? However, it turns out that for complete happiness, Mr. Jourdain lacks the title of nobility and the possibility of becoming a member of a glamorous aristocratic society. What is it: search for a place in life or a midlife crisis?

Director - Lyudmila Ismayilova


400x600_kohannya.jpgMay 24, 18:00, Main Stage (250th anniversary of the city sq., 2)

F. Schiller, “Treachery and love”, social and class tragedy without intermission

Ukraine, Kiev, National Academic Theater of Russian Drama named after Lesia Ukrainka

Russian language

1 hour 40 minutes

Friedrich Schiller is rightly considered one of the most consistent supporters of high ideals: spiritual, moral, political and aesthetic. Insidious intrigues and horrendous crimes, the luxury of a ducal circle and the misery of a commoner - such is the situation in which the love story of two young people unfolds. The fervent feelings of President Ferdinand’s son for a girl from a simple family, Louise, are threatening to destroy all the plans of a power-hungry father who wants his son Ferdinand to marry Lady Milford, favorite of the Duke.

Staging - Elias Perrig (Germany)