Application for participation in the festival

12th International Theatre Festival "Classics Today"
28 September – 5 October 2022, Ukraine, Kamenskoe

I.Information about the performance
Complete name of theater (company)
Contact details (address, telephone, e-mail, website)
Contact person (name and surname, telephone, e-mail)
Name of the performance, the genre
Title and author of the play
Production team (director, production designer, costume designer, choreographer, music, etc.)
Characters and performers
Playing time, intermission
Brief presentation of the play
The language of the performance
3-5 photos of the performance
Internet link to the video of the performance

ІI.Technical details
Preferred date for showing of your performance
Description of the stage area, necessary for the show of your performance (sizes, etc)
Specific requirements for the stage
Requirements on light equipment
Requirements on a sound equipment
The time required for the installation of scenery, light and sound equipment
Other details
Attention! Theater will gain access to the stage for the installation of sceneries and rehearsals only in day of the performance!

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