21 and 22 May as part of the VIII International Theatre Festival "Classics Today" for the first time in Ukraine  a seminar for artists, set designers "Creative exploration technologies in a modern staging" was held. Seminar was held by Tatiana Astafieva, production designer, a member of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, professor of St. Petersburg Conservatory named after  Rimsky-Korsakov.
Invitations to participate in the workshop was sent out to all the theaters of Ukraine. Applications for participation submitted 30 experts and was attended by only 27. (See attached file "Participants").
During the seminar it became clear that the stated theme of the discussion participants interpreted broadly. It became clear that practitioners of  theater are interested , of course, new theatrical technology, that  systematically and in detail were presented in the report of  Tatiana Astafieva (see the text of the report on the attached file). But considering the actual financial position of most of Ukrainian theaters

For the festival and the workshop was dedicated exhibition "The Artist in the space scenes," which opened May 18 in History Museum of Dneprodzerzhinsk. Layouts for plays, sketches of the scenery presented Honored Artist of Ukraine, the main artist of the Dnepropetrovsk Youth Theater "Chamber scene" Ivan Shulyk. (Incidentally, it became clear that this is the first exhibition of the famous wizard).
 The second half of the exhibition consisted of works by students of 3rd year scenography department of Dnepropetrovsk Theatre and Arts College (a teacher - a member of Artists Union of Ukraine and Russia, Pavel Guryanov) Daniel prick, Angelica Gonchar, Jan Shulga Nikita GARETSA. And the set designers for beginners experience exhibiting their work, too, was the first