POSITION about the International theatrical festival «The Classics today»

Introductory part
A purpose of festival is propaganda of dramatic works of world the classics, education of the young generation of audience on the specimens of classic dramaturgy.
Founders of festival:
• The Dneprodzerzhinsk Music and Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka.
Organizers of festival:
• Ministry of culture of Ukraine;
• Management of culture of Dnepropetrovsk regional state administration;
• Dneprodzerzhinsk City Council
• The Dneprodzerzhinsk Music and Drama Theater the named after Lesya Ukrainka
Managing a festival is carried out by the Organizing committee and Management of festival.
Performances of festival are estimated by a jury.
International theatrical festival «The Classics today» - constantly operating and conducted one time in two years in May on the stage of the Dneprodzerzhinsk Music and Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka (51925, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Sq. of a 250 anniversary of the city, 2 Теl/fаks: +380 5692 37643. Е-mail: teatr_2005@mail.ru)
Requests on participating in a festival must be giving to on March, 1, of year conducting of festival.
Such information joins in a request:
1.Complete name of theatrical collective
2.Author of play or staging, name of performance, its genre
3.Annotation to the performance
4.Program and playbill
5.Short historical certificate about a theatrical collective and his creative description
6.3-4 pictures of theatrical (desirably - in an electronic kind)
7.Videotape recording of theatrical.
Principles of selection of participants of festival
To participating in a festival are invited the state, commercial and other drama and musical theaters, which already put the original play of any dramatist-classic, or put on stage the literary work of other genre.
Organizing committee of festival and judge
The representatives of organizers of festival enter in the complement of organizing committee. It is headed by the mayor of Dneprodzerzhinsk. A committee determines the concrete terms of conducting of festival. Committee decides the question of financing of festival, determines the chart of organizational measures on conducting of festival, principles of lighting a festival at MASS-MEDIA and his informative providing. The members of committee can recommend performances for the competitive program of festival, and also they form a jury.
The leading theatrical figures (critics, specialists in drama study, producers, actors) of Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, other countries enter in the complement of jury.
A jury determines the best: performance, direction, womanish and masculine leading roles, womanish and masculine roles of the second plan, young actor and actress of festival.
Winners in these nominations get the diplomas of laureates and prizes - statuette of work of sculptor Garnik Khachatryan.
Organizational questions of conducting of festival
Theatres that take part in the festival will cover the expenses at their arrival and departure.
The organizers will provide a residence for the participants. Participants from Ukraine receive a per diem, foreign participants are provided with meals by the organizers
State and private enterprises and organizations, which has carried out financial payments for the condacting of festival are providing advertising on radio, television, press, official theater and festival websites, their trademarks and logos are using in the decoration of the festival in accordance with applicable law.
Financial providing of festival
Financing of conducting of festival is carried out for an account:
- assignations, foreseen Ministry of culture of Ukraine in the State budget of Ukraine on the year of conducting of festival;
- assignations, foreseen Management of culture of Dnepropetrovsk regional state administration;
- assignations, foreseen Dneprodzerzhinsk City Council
- other sources, not forbidden by a current legislation.
Contacting with the organizational committee of festival is possible on telephones:
+380 5692 37643, +380 5692 37431, +380 5692 38562
to electronic addresses:
org@klassika-fest.com, klassika-fest@mail.ru, 
by mail to address:
Dneprodzerzhinsk Music and Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka, Sq. of a 250 anniversary of the city, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine, 51925