Participants of the X Theater Festival "Classic Today"

National Academic Theater of Russian Drama.named after Lesia Ukrainka, Kiev. (I. Turgenev, “Freeloader”)
Rivne Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater,Rivne  (E. Porter, “Pollanna”)
Krivoy Rog Academic Theater of Music and Plastic Arts "Academy of Movement", Krivoy Rog (G. Ibsen, "Peer Gynt")
Dneprodzerzhinsk Academic Music and Drama Theater named after  Lesia Ukrainka, Dneprodzerzhinsk (V. Shakespeare, "Hamlet")
Mogilev Regional Drama and Comedy Theater. named after Dunin-Martsinkevich, Bobruisk, Belarus (O. Wilde, “Whose child is in the bag?”)
Kiev Young Theater, Kiev. Ukraine (I. Bunin "Heat")
Creative workshop "Theater at Koshik", Lviv ("White butterflies, wicker chains ...", based on letters and short stories by V. Stephanik
Kiev experimental theater "Golden Gate", Kiev (I. Bunin, "# Mitina love. Diary")
Eastcenter / Independent Theater Laboratory, Austria-Ukraine, Chernivtsi (B.Grill, “Escape, or Laundry Illusions”)
Zaporozhye Academic Youth Theater, Zaporizhia, Ukraine (I. Franko, “Surka”)
Creative workshop "Theater at Koshik", Lviv (Lesya Ukrainka, "In the field of blood")