PARTICIPANTS of festival 2008 years

International theatrical festival «The Classics today»
May, 20-28, 2008

The Zaporozhe academic Ukrainian music and drama Theatre named after Vladimir Magar
Imre Kalman, «The Violet of Montmartre », operetta in 3 actions

The Nikolayev Artistic Russian Drama Theatre
E. Lessing, «Emilia Galotti», romantic drama in 2 actions

The Temirtau Theater for children and youth, Kazakhstan
Aleksandr Kuprin, «Pit», drama in 2 actions

The Poltava academic regional Ukrainian music and drama Theatre named after Nicolay Gogol
Lesya Ukrainka, «The Forest Song», drama-enchanting spectacle in 2 actions (in Ukrainian language)

The Minsk New Drama Theater, Byelorussia
Nicolay Kulish, «The Blessed Island », tragifarce in 2 actions

The Mogilev regional theater of drama and comedy named after Dunin-Martsinkevich, Bobruisk. Byelorussia
Bernard Show, «Pigmalion, or almost «My Fairy Lady», novel for a theater in 2 actions

The Lugansk regional Russian Drama Theater
Michail Saltykov-Schedrin, «Judas», drama in 2 actions

The Lipetsk state academic Drama Theater named after Lev Tolstoy, Russia
Anton. Chekhov, «The Cherry Orchard», comedy in 2 actions

The Kiev Theater of plastic drama on Pechersk
«Little Prince», fantastic history on reasons of the same name story Antuan de Sent-Ekzyuperi

Guest of festival: Creative workshop «Theater at the basket» of the National center of dramatic art named after Les Kurbas, Kiev
«Richard after Richard», monopresentation on reasons of chronicle of William Shakespeare « Richard ІІІ», (in Ukrainian, English and French languages)