PARTICIPANTS of festival 2003 years

Allukrainian theatrical festival “The Classics today”
April, 17-23, 2003

The Dneprodzerzhinsk Russian Music and Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka
Аltxander Оstrovsky, «”Own” people will agree», tragicomedy

The Crimean Ukrainian Musical Theater, Simferopol
Ivan Kotlyarevskiy, music and libretto of Sergey Bedusenko, «Aeneid», fate-opera in 2 actions (in Ukrainian language)

The Nikolayev Artistic Russian Drama Theatre
Аlexander Suhovo-Kobylin, «Wedding of Krechinskiy», gamble in 2 parts

The Dnepropetrovsk Russian Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky
John Patrick, «Strange missies Sevidzh», a high comedy is in 2 actions

The Mogilev regional theater of drama and comedy named after Dunin-Martsinkevich, Bobruisk. Byelorussia
N. Dinov, A. Rusakova, «Passions on Servantes», tragic musical

The Sevastopol Russian Drama Theatre named after Anatoly Lunacharskiy
Edmon Rostan, «Empire of Moon and Sun», comedy of love

The Kiev Cafe-theater «Wheel»
Jaroslav Stelmach on the novel of Gustav Flober “Madam Bovari”, «Emma», temptation and desire
(In Ukrainian language)

The Krivoy Rog Theater of musical and plastic arts «Academy of motion»
Alexander Pushkin, «Little tragedies», plastic drama in 2 acts

The Donetsk regional Theater of drama and comedy, Mariupol
Alexander Pushkin, «Captain's daughter», confession of ensign Grinev

The Crimean-Tatar Academic Music and Drama Theatre, Simferopol
Vladimir Anosov on the short story of Prosper Merime, «Carmen»