Participants of festival 1999 years

International theatrical festival «The Classics today»
April, 16-23, 1999

The Dneprodzerzhinsk Russian Music and Drama Theater 
Lope de Vega, «The Resourceful girl in love», comedy in 2 actions

The Dnepropetrovsk Russian Drama Theatre named after Maxim Gorky
William Shakespeare, «King Lear», tragedy

The Dnepropetrovsk state theater of opera and ballet
Petr Tchaikovsky, «Swan Lake», ballet

The Dnepropetrovsk Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre named after Тaras Shevchenko
Ivan Karpenko-Kariy, «The Owner», comedy (in Ukrainian language)

The Crimean-Tatar musically-dramatic theater, Simferopol
William Shakespeare, «Makbeth», tragedy

The Zaporozhe Ukrainian musically-dramatic theater
Garsia Lorka, «House of Bernard Alba», drama in 3 actions (in Ukrainian language)

Theater of dolls of Krivbass, Krivoy Rog
V. Sinakevich on reasons of fairy-tale of Andersen, «Nasty duckling», fairy-tale

Creative association «Theater in the basket», Lvov.
Ivan Franko, «The Stolen Happiness», drama (in Ukrainian language)