Participants of festival 1995 years

The Allukrainian theatrical festival «The Classics today»
March, 17-27, 1995

The Nikolayev Russian Artistic Drama Theater
Anton Chekhov, «Three sisters», drama in 2 actions

The Chernigov Youth Theater
William Shakespeare, «Twelfth night, or As it will please you», comedy-carnival in 2 actions

The Krivoy Rog Russian Theater of drama and musical comedy named after Taras Shevchenko
F. Legar, «Gipsy love», romantic operetta in 2 actions

The Dneprodzerzhinsk Russian Music and Drama Theater
The Stage version of L. Kostenko, «We are Playing Kokto », (by the play of Zhan Kokto the «Sacred monsters»)

The Zaporozhe Youth Theater
William Shakespeare, «Taming of obstinate», carnival presentation in 2 actions

The Zaporozhe Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater
Ivan Karpenko-Karyy, «One hundred thousand», a comedy

The Krivoy Rog Dolls Theater
Eugene Schwarz, «Cinderella», a musical fairy-tale

The Dnepropetrovsk regional Ukrainian Theater for the children
Vladimir Vinnichenko, «Black Panther and Polar Bear», drama in 2 actions

The Dneprodzerzhinsk Russian Music and Drama Theater
Fredric Sheller, «Treachery and Love», narrow-minded tragedy in 2 actions

The Dnepropetrovsk Russian Drama Theater named after Maxim Gorky
Vladimir Vinnichenko, «Nailed to», drama in 2 actions

The Kiev Cafe-theater «Wheel»
Panas Saksaganskiy, «Shantrapa», joke in a 1 action

Guest of festival: The Kiev state Youth Theater
M. Shizgal, «Lovve!», an ironical comedy in 2 actions