Participants 2013

 Kiev National Academic Theatre of Operetta, Ukraine (May 17, Friday, 18.00 - J. Offenbach, "The Dinner Party with Italians", an operetta in one act, Main Stage) 
Kiev National Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy, UKRAINE (18 May, Saturday 17.00 - Chekhov, "Three Sisters", a play in 2 acts, Main Stage)
St. Petersburg Academic Comedy Theatre named after N. Akimov, RUSSIA (May 19, Sunday 17.00, Nikolai Gogol, "Players", a comedy in the 1st step, Main Stage)
Theater for Children and Youth, Temirtau, KAZAKHSTAN (May 20, Monday 18.30 - Ostrovsky, "A Profitable Post", a comedy of modern manners in 2 acts, Main Stage)
Zhytomyr Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre named after I.Kocherga, UKRAINE (21 May, Tuesday, 18.30 - Ivan Franko, "Stolen Happiness", a drama in the style of modern ethno-1 action, Main Stage)
Mogilev Regional Drama and Comedy named after V. Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, Bobruisk, Belarus (22 May, Wednesday, 18.30 - Ostrovsky, "The Forest", a comedy in 2 acts, Main Stage)
Dneprodzerzhinsk Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after Lesia Ukrainka, Ukraine (May 23, Thursday 18.00 - JB Moliere, "Tartuffe," a comedy in 2 acts, Main Stage)
State Drama Theatre in Ganja, Azerbaijan (18 May, Saturday 14.00 - Nikolai Gogol, "Marriage", a comedy in the 1st step, small stage)
Pridnestrovian State Theater of Drama and Comedy named after  Aronetskaya, Tiraspol, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (May 19, Sunday, 12:00 - Andreev, "Black Square", literary and dramatic performance, small stage)
Youth Theatre of Kutaisi, Georgia (May 19, Sunday 15.30 - JB Moliere's "Don Giovanni", mimodrama in the 1st step, small stage)
Theatre Workshop Oleg Royenko, Kyiv International University, Ukraine (May 20, Monday, 13:00 - Ostrovsky, "Marriage Bal'zaminova or for what you go, and find it," a comedy, Small Stage)
Research Theater "Atelekunkeon" of Bergamo, Italy (21 May, Tuesday, 16.00 - Based on the novel Himenessa, "Platero ... Mediterranean utopia" Small Stage)
Theatre "ZERO", Kiryat Ono, Israel (May 22, Wednesday, 16.00 - Based on the novel by Kobo Abe's "Woman in the Dunes" Small Stage)
STB-theater, Braga (Companhia de Teatro de Braga), Portugal (May 23, Thursday 16.00 - FK Krёts, "Concert on demand", one evening in the life of women, small stage)