Jury of festival 1999 years

International theatrical festival «The Classics today»
April, 16-23, 1999


Jury of critics

Larisa BRYUHOVETSKAYA - an editor-in-chief of magazine the «Cinema-theater», Kiev

Vasiliy NEVOLOV - a candidate of study of art, editor-in-chief of repertoire-editorial college of Ministry of culture and arts of Ukraine, writer, laureate of premium named after Ivan Kotlyarevskiy, Kiev

Valentina Galatskaya - a theatrical critic, Dnepropetrovsk

Lyudmila TOMENCHUK - an editor-in-chief of magazine «Theater plus», Dnepropetrovsk

Lyudmila КОSTENKO - a specialist in drama study, artistic leader of theater-studio the «Tenth quarter», Dneprodzerzhinsk


Judge of colleagues

Larisa KADYROVA - The People's Artist of Ukraine, vice-chairman National union of theatrical figures of Ukraine, actress of the National Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franco, Kiev

Nelly PINSKAYA - The Honored worker of culture of Ukraine, teacher of the Dnepropetrovsk state theatrical school

Natalia ТAFFY – The Honored Artist of Ukraine, actress of Dnepropetrovsk Ukrainian music and drama theatre named after Taras Shevchenko, Dnepropetrovsk

Vladimir МАZUR - The Honored Arts Worker of Ukraine, main producer of the Dnepropetrovsk Youth theater on Moscow, Dnepropetrovsk

Vladimir SARANCHUK – The People’s Artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Russia, main producer of Dnepropetrovsk Russian drama Theatre named after Maxim Gorky


Judge of audience

Nickolay NAKAZNOY - the director of lyceum № 1

Vladimir YATCHENKO - the candidate of philosophical sciences, associate professor of department of Ukrainian study of the Dneprodzerzhinsk state technical university.

Valery VASILIEV - the general producer of TV and Radio Company «Mykomp», the editor-in-chief of newspaper «In new age»

Lolita BUGAEVA - the leader of club of author’s song «Forum»

Svetlana AVRAMENKO - the main doctor of rehabilitation medicine center