Application for participation in the festival

I. Information about the theater and the performance

1. Country  
2. Complete name of theater (Company)  
3. Contact details (address, telephone, fax, e-mail, website)  
4. Contact person (name and surname, telephone, e-mail)  
5. Name of performance, its genre  
6. Title and author of play  
7. Production team (director, production disigner, costume disigner, choreographer, author of music etc)  
8. Characters and performers  
9. Playing time, intermission  
10. Short presentation of the performance  
11. Language of the performance  
12. 3-5 pictures of the performance  
13. Internet link to the video of the performance  


II. Technical details

1. Preferred date for showing your performance  
2. Description of the stage area, necessary for the show of your performance (sizes et cetera)  
3. Special requirements to the stage  
4. Requirements on light equipment  
5. Requirements on a sound equipment  
6. The time required for the installation of scenery,  light and sound equipment  
7. Other details  
Attention! Every theater will be gain access to the stage for the installation of scenar
and rehearsals only in the day of theatrical!




1. The total number of people in a group:   including men   including women  
2. Term of stay  
3. Airplane (date of arrival, flight number, airport/city)  
4. Car/bus (state number, date of arrival)  
5. Train (date and time of arrival, № of a train)  
6. Arrival of scenery and equipment (if sent in avanced)  


1. Required number of single rooms  
2.Required number of double rooms  
3. Required number of  triple rooms  
4. Other wishes  

 Below you can download the application form for participation in the festival in Word format, fill in the parts І, ІІ and point 1 of part ІІІ and send to the address

Application form-2018.docx19.78 KB