About Festival

International theatrical festival «The Classics today»


At the beginning of 90th, when modern dramaturgy was yet unable to realize and express global changes in the world view of soviet has-beens, many theaters have started to put on the stage the classic legacy, finding powerful spiritual basis there.  
Idea to conduct the festival of performances, that had put on classic dramaturgy, development of festival’s conception, aims and tasks, belonged to the artistic leader of theater Sergey Chulkov and managing literary part Ljudmila Kostenko.
First festival, in which theaters from Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog, and Zaporozhe took part, had passed in 1993. The performances of guests caused the enthusiastic response of habitants of city. The first experience inspired organizers. A decision to do a festival constantly operating and conduct it one time in two-three years was accepted.
Already in 1995 a festival was purchased by status of allukrainian.
« Organizers from Dneprodzerzhinsk talented found an idea: «The classics today». On its value the classics are comparable only with Great Book. It is soil and source, school and rescue. In short, it is impossible to overestimate the role and importance of the classics», - one of regional newspapers wrote.
In 1997 the festival received the status of state by Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. From 1999 it became international.
Unlike many other festivals, the «The Classics today» from the beginning have competitive character. An international jury which consists of well-known specialists in drama study, producers, actors, determines the best: performance, direction, leading womanish and masculine roles, womanish and masculine roles of the second plan, young actor and actress of festival.

After a show the participants of performance (on their desire) meet with jurymen, their creative work gets a professional estimation. During the festival, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other creative projects are taking place. Winners in the categories receive diplomas, prizes and statuette-symbol of the festival, created by renowned sculptor Garnik Khachaturian.